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Funding Request by Rise and Shine Worship Ministries - New Zealand

One House, Different Rooms, Shared Roof, Rock Foundation

Financial Freedom Project - God, Money & Me!

Rise and Shine Worship Ministries – New Zealand with understanding of God, Money & Me! I’m Cyrus Leonard Rose, a writer and speaker from Rise and Shine Worship Ministries – New Zealand, and I’ve spent my life on a journey through the Bible to freedom in my finances, my identity and my relationship with God.

I believe that no matter what your life circumstances look like, freedom starts in your heart. I’d like to invite you to join me in discovering God’s vision for your life and His plan for your money. Each week, I will send you articles full of Biblical truth about what God wants for your life, as well as practical tips you can implement in your own finances and relationships. Subscribing is easy just fill out this form and you will start getting emails from me instantly. Do not worry, I will not sell or share your information with anyone.

Freedom is as journey. Let us start walking together.

Want to ask me a question? Join my Facebook group, FINANCIAL FREEDOM WITH CYRUS LEONARD ROSE, where I interact with members on a daily basis. It’s you’re chance to ask questions, share experiences, get advice and connect with other people who are walking the road to Financial Freedom with Cyrus Leonard Rose.

Financial Freedom in 10 Minutes a Day

“Live the life you were made for with my new online program 30 Days to Financial Freedom.”

If you are longing for financial freedom but live a busy life, I have great news for you: My new online program, 30 Days to Financial Freedom, was made for you. In just 10 minutes a day, you can learn how to build your budget, start your savings, defeat your debt, and fund your future. And you will never have to do any math guaranteed.

Each day of 30 Days to Financial Freedom features three video lessons. The lessons are short usually less than four minutes and cover individual topics in easy-to understand ways.

Financial freedom starts in your heart, so the first lesson each day highlights a spiritual truth that will help you align your heart with God’s freedom plan.

The second lesson each day focuses on a practical aspect of your financial life. From organizing your spending to beginning your savings, getting out of debt, and planning for your future, these lessons will give you easy steps forward.

The third daily lesson is a hands-on demonstration of the Budget Genius tool, which will help you eliminate financial stress and organize your money by answering one question a day.

A 30 Days to Financial Freedom Exclusive

To break the cycle of worrying about money, you need a personalized plan to organize your income and spending. If that sounds difficult, you need the Budget Genius.

The Budget Genius is our proprietary personal planning tool, and it is included in your 30 Days to Financial Freedom membership.

There is no need to spend hours building a budget, the Budget Genius does it for you. Just answer one simple question every day and the Budget Genius does the rest.

At the end of 30 days, you will have a personalized spending plan, emergency savings goals and an organized system for paying off your debt. And you never have to do any math, because the Budget Genius does it all for you.

Memberships Never Expire
With 30 Days to Financial Freedom, you can eliminate financial stress in just one month. But if you want to take longer than that, there is no rush your membership never expires.

Many other programs require recurring subscriptions with monthly or annual fees. But with 30 Days to Financial Freedom, you only pay one time, and you’re a member for life.

Your Lifetime Membership gives you instant access to the entire course, including 30 days of video lessons, a digital course workbook and the Budget Genius. You can repeat lessons as often as you would like or take the entire course again as many times as you need to.

This project in the next five short years this founding will, played a major role in the transformation of peoples, families, and communities bring the positive financial change in their life.

How It Works? Eliminating financial stress has never been easier. Our three-step plan will help you take control of your money in just 10 minutes a day.

The Financial Freedom program will educate to managing their money skills Curriculum to ‘empower children, young, adults, families, and communities’ people by educating and providing dedicated to ensuring that you’re back on track with their money life. This project will support in several practical ways such as:

Free budgeting advice from financial mentor’s books with life practical topics
  • Are you a slave?
  • God and debt
  • God’s master plan
  • Are you a slave to your house?
  • Mastering your money

This project will Provide expertise in insolvency such as Summary Instalment Orders, Non-Asset Procedure and Bankruptcy, and debt Help negotiate with creditors and collection agencies.

Help to connect you with other people and services in the community that can.

Budgeting support for small businesses local tennis facilities and schools with a Financial Freedom program that promotes positive values, healthy habits, and education through the game of tennis – resulting in real life power, on and off the court.”

A priority needs for the Financial freedom Book printing and workshop program, which operates five days a week programs, funding for curriculum thousand copy of each book and 52 workshops which will provide Family Support/Social Work service aims to provide a strengths-based approach to clients and their whanau. This is centered around needs and goals.

We will also provide Advocacy and support when dealing with government agencies (Oranga Tamariki, WINZ, Kainga Ora)

Assessment of your social needs and seeing through appropriate referrals for support.
  • Family Harm advocacy and support.
  • Parenting support and strategies.
  • Grief and stress strategies.
  • Family relationships.
  • Court support (Civil, criminal, drug and alcohol and family court issues).
  • Assisting those who are new to the area or with minimal support networks.
  • Connecting you with housing, AOD, disability, health, mental health, and employment services where appropriate

This is a free service based in Henderson, Auckland, and New Zealand and worldwide online. (within Auckland region home visits may be available from the second appointment onward).

The Financial freedom Book printing and workshop program is requesting $515,414.00 yearly from the 25th of March 2021 to support this program that makes a meaningful difference in the lives of our children, youth, Adults, families. A contribution from 25th March 2021 will give us the jumpstart we need while we continue to implement our recently developed fund-raising plan.

We believe that the Financial freedom Book printing and workshop program is consistent with the mission and interest of Financial freedom and hope that you will find it in your hearts and budget to support this program. If I can provide additional information to encourage consideration of our request, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] I have also attached the books PDF copies to this project, I would also be happy to personally meet with your committee to present this proposal.

Most sincerely,

Cyrus Leonard Rose
Worship Minister / Financial Advisor
Project: Financial freedom Book printing and workshop program
Rise and Shine Worship Ministries – New Zealand $ Charitable Trust


Request for Funding Proposal

Organization and Mission

Mission: Created by Cyrus Leonard Rose, founder of the popular personal finance site God, Money & Me, 30 Days to Financial Freedom uses biblical insight and practical tools to help you eliminate financial stress and build a prosperous future. The monthlong, workshop Auckland wide and online program only for New Zealand and Worldwide takes about 10 minutes a day.

Here’s what makes 30 Days to Financial Freedom the perfect tool for changing your life.

Vision: Getting your money life sorted can be a real challenge. Debt that is unmanageable can adversely affect your mental and physical wellbeing and create issues with your relationships. The good news is you don’t have to go through financial hardship alone. Our team of friendly financial mentors are here to support you and work alongside you to get your money sorted.

We are an established Ministry under The Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ. We are an Outreach Ministry committed to Emotional Healing and Restoration through progressive deliverance by way of intensive training, solid teaching and revelation knowledge in the discipline & understanding of Spiritual Warfare. The Word of God Is our rock, upon which is laid our foundational blocks and pillars constructed from Kingdom values and principle.

Our mandate: To Recover, Re-Unify, Rebuild, & Restore The “True” Body/Temple of Christ.

It’s YOUR Time to Rise and Shine, All For The Glory Of God

Know your true identity in Christ: We are the body/temple, through which the Holy Spirit directs our steps. As Reigning King, Jesus Christ is Commander in Chief; We are his faithful soldiers. Whether you are aware of it or not, you have actually been taking part in a war; a very real spiritual battle that continues to have a very direct impact on your life, in the lives of those around you and on the entire global landscape at large.

In 2019, RNSWMNZ & Charitable Trust was established as a not-for-profit organization with the purpose of providing a safe haven where inner city youth participate in a comprehensive program of tennis and academic tutoring that promotes the physical, educational and Fincial Freedom necessary to prepare and empower them for leadership in their communities and success in their personal lives.

Our goal was to do everything with excellence, so we did things slowly but as well as we were able. As our credibility and reputation grew, we attracted our first community funding and eventually gained accreditation with Child Youth and Family Services (Ministry of Social Development). With funding from MSD and other Government and community organizations we were able to become established and fulfil our dream of being a useful social presence in the community of Auckland region and the wider New Zealand area and Worldwide.

We now have a strong team of professional counsellors and budget advisors. We also offer a number of life skills programs under the same project.

Our journey to this point has been challenging and exciting. We are still growing and changing to meet the needs in our community and our vision has not dimmed! We are enormously grateful to all those, and there have been many, who have supported us along the way and who will always be part of the RNSWMNZ & Charitable Trust story….

It wasn’t too many years ago that the RNSWMNZ & Charitable Trust earned its reputation as a tough Auckland, and Worldwide with many of the same problems faced by similar mostly urban, minority neighborhoods. We heard too much about crime, truancy, substance abuse, obesity, teen pregnancy, and academic failure. But all that is changing, and the Financial Freedom Program is playing a big part in the transformation.


There is a tremendous need, especially for high-risk youth in low-income neighborhoods, for programs that provide activities and support for children during the Educational Workshop hours and throughout the 10 Minutes a day, 30 Days to Financial Freedom Book reading program . the Children’s Defense Fund reported that violent crime by young people ages 10-17; children and teens in poor neighborhoods are struggling for direction and positive opportunities are needed to keep them safe and on-track to turn stress into strength with 30 Days To Financial Freedom Project.

New Zealand’s Crime and Victims Report

New Zealand’s Crime and Victims Report

Current research indicates that supervised Educational Workshop and 10 Minutes a day, 30 Days to Financial Freedom Book reading program not only keep children safe and out of trouble, they also significantly improve their academic achievement.


Through the Financial Freedom program, we educate how to Organize Your Spending

Get a clear picture of your financial life so you can make decisions with confidence.

– Defeat Your Debt

Get a custom-made plan for overcoming the debt holding you back from freedom.

And Invest in Your Dreams

Build financial security and use your money to live the life of freedom you were made for.

Because of Financial problem, People, with significantly higher than average incidences of crime, truancy, teen pregnancy, obesity, and drug use, suffers from a lack of constructive activities. Visionaries saw the potential benefits of a quality Educational Workshop and 10 Minutes a day, 30 Days to Financial Freedom Book reading program. To provide a safe haven for the inner-city children, youth, families, and communities of Auckland. In the two years since its inception, the Financial Freedom program has gained a positive reputation for providing constructive activities that contribute to reducing crime and illicit activity, increasing academic performance, and providing Financial Freedom to ensure success in the communities and in life.


We have a holistic view of the person and encourage growth in all areas.

In all aspects of our work the welfare and interests of a child or young person are the first and paramount consideration.

We recognize the unique cultural identity of Maori as tangata whenua and seek to honor the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

We celebrate the cultural diversity of our society and promote respect and inclusivity.

We acknowledge the importance of all aspects of personhood including spirituality and respect the right of every person to choose their own path.

Our service has its foundations in the values and teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Budget Genius Difference

There are plenty of budgeting tools out there, from pencil-and-paper techniques to spreadsheet templates and even fancy apps. There are a lot of great things about these tools, but they have downsides too.

Many aren’t very flexible and don’t adjust to fit the unique aspects of your life. And they all require you to sit down and build your budget. That can be difficult, intimidating, and time consuming.

This is where 30 Days to Financial Freedom is different. With our program, you don’t ever have to do the hard work of building a budget. You simply answer one question every day, and the tool builds a budget for you. There’s no long work sessions and no math required.

Built for Your Life

The Budget Genius is built to accommodate the unique situations and challenges of your life. Do you have irregular income or uncommon expenses? The Budget Genius will help you plan for them seamlessly.

The Genius isn’t just a monthly budget builder. It helps you plan ahead for expenses coming later. And it creates emergency savings goals and a customized plan to pay off your debt. Best of all, the Budget Genius is built into the 30 Days to Financial Freedom course program.

Each day, you’ll get a short video tutorial that walks you through your budget question for the day. Most days, you’ll finish your budget work in just a few minutes.

How does the program work?

30 Days to Financial Freedom consists of a monthlong series of daily video lessons. Each day, you’ll get a devotional lesson focused on your heart, a practical lesson focused on your habits, and a demo of our Budget Genius tool. Altogether, the lessons take about 10 minutes a day.

How long does it take?

30 Days to Financial Freedom is designed as a monthlong program with a series of short daily lessons. Each day’s teaching is designed to take about 10 minutes. You’ll also spend a little bit of time answering one question each day in the Budget Genius tool.

How long does a membership last?

Forever. Your Lifetime Membership never expires. There are no subscriptions, renewals, or continual payments. You get full access to all course materials as long as you want it, so you can go back to any lesson as many times as you want.

If you choose our optional Coaching Plus Plan, you’ll get unlimited access to all the Freedom
Plan materials, plus three months of one-on-one sessions with a Freedom Coach. After that,
you can choose to continue your coaching sessions for an additional fee.

What if it takes longer than a month to finish?

No problem. 30 Days to Financial Freedom is designed to finish in as little as a month, but you’re welcome to work at your own pace. Your membership lasts forever, so you can take as much time as you want and go back to each lesson as many times as you need.

How much does it cost?

Our Freedom Plan costs $125 for a lifetime membership, including all video lessons, a digital course workbook, social sharing tools and the Budget Genius. Our Coaching Plus Plan includes all of those resources, plus one-on-one coaching calls and unlimited coaching emails, for $475. 

Can I take the course on my phone?

The daily video lessons should work just fine on your mobile device. For your Budget Genius assignments, you’ll find it easiest to use a desktop or laptop computer.

What is the Budget Genius?

Included in every 30 Days to Financial Freedom membership, the Budget Genius is our unique tool that builds a personalized financial plan for you automatically. You just answer one question a day, and the Budget Genius will create your personal budget, savings goals, and debt payoff plan. You never have to do any math!

Do I need special software to use the Budget Genius?

The Budget Genius is built as a customized spreadsheet. It’s available as an Excel document (for Microsoft Office users) or as a Google Sheet (free with any Google account). Don’t worry
we’ve made the Budget Genius incredibly easy to use, even if you’re not a spreadsheet wizard, and our daily demo videos will walk you through every step.

How is 30 Days to Financial Freedom different than other programs?

There are many great options out there for people interested in improving their finances, but 30 Days to Financial Freedom is the only one built for your busy, modern life. You can finish the entire program in one month through a series of daily video lessons that take about 10 minutes. There are no materials to order, no groups to join, no classes to attend and no subscriptions to renew. And 30 Days to Financial Freedom is the only program with the Budget Genius, our tool that builds your personalized budget automatically as you answer one simple question a day. With other programs, you have to build a budget on your
own, which can take hours and involve lots of frustrating math.

Can I try the program before I buy it?

We don’t currently offer a free trial, but we do have a satisfaction guarantee. If 30 Days to Financial Freedom doesn’t help you stop worrying about money and start building a stable future, we will refund your purchase price. Email [email protected] for more information.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee: If 30 Days to Financial Freedom doesn’t help you stop worrying about money and start building a stable future, we will refund your purchase price.
Email [email protected] for more information.

Is the program available for groups?

Yes. We offer a variety of discounted plans for churches and organizations. When your organization joins, you also get a set of group leader tools that allow you to add members, track their progress and follow up with them if they need support.

Is this a faith-based program?

Yes. 30 Days to Financial Freedom is built around teachings found in the Bible and communicates from a Christian worldview. However, the program offers plenty of helpful information and unique tools for all kinds of people, so you don’t need to self-identify as Christian in order to benefit from it. The fundamental principles in this program will improve your financial life regardless of your religious affiliation.

The 10 Minutes a day, 30 Days to Financial Freedom Book reading program

Participants receive tennis instruction in one-on-one and clinic settings, and practice skills in team format play. They learn about rules of the game, etiquette, sportsmanship, positive attitudes, fair play, self-esteem, taking responsibility for choices, and management of emotions. These Financial Freedom are integrated throughout the tennis program, and instructors routinely demonstrate how they apply to situations in all aspects of life. 

Nutrition and healthy lifestyles are stressed both in the classroom setting and on the courts. Healthy snacks are provided.

Population Served 

New Zealand European: 59.3%, Pacific Islander: 14.6%, Asian: 23.1%, Maori: 10.7% 

Middle Eastern/Latin American/African: 1.9%, Other: 1.2%, and “New Zealander:” 8.0%

Strategies for Financial Freedom

We have attached PDF book copies for your consideration. Please see the attached book for details

Funds Request

What community need do you propose to meet?

The Financial Freedom the is for All New Zealand Nation our aim is to all communities New
Zealand wide intend to meet.

How do you know the community supports your project? (e.g. What community
consultation has taken place and is the project supported by local hapu and kiwi?):

We meet every day 20 – 30 Families in NZ and 15 – 25 Families worldwide. We would like to thank All heart New Zealand, Countdown, Kiwi Harvest, Fair Food, Auckland City Mission, Tasti, Sanitarium, Asaleo Care, the local Henderson and Te Atatu Community for their continued support.

What support from local, regional or central government does the project have?:

Donation, (Food Parcels to support families), Furniture, and Equipment so we sell that to fund the organization.

How does your project contribute to a significant regional and/or national outcome?

we can contribute our ability to streamline needy communities Nationwide online and F2F in Auckland. For example, we developed a new method for scheduling client appointments, which led to an 85% decrease in scheduling errors. we would love to apply, not only this method, but also my other organizational skills to this project.

Outcome of this project

1. Children and Young People
Our Children and Young People will grow up loved, safe and respected so that we realize our full potential.

2. Communities
We live in communities that are inclusive, empowered, resilient and safe.

3. Culture
We are creative and our vibrant and diverse cultures are expressed and enjoyed widely.

4. Economy
We have a globally competitive, entrepreneurial, inclusive, and sustainable economy.

5. Education
We are well educated, skilled and able to contribute to society.

6. Environment
We value, enjoy, protect, and enhance our environment.

7. Fair Work and Business
We have thriving and innovative businesses, with quality jobs and fair work for everyone.

8. Health
We are healthy and active.

9. Human Rights
We respect, protect, and fulfil human rights and live free from discrimination.

10. International
We are open, connected and make a positive contribution internationally.

11. Poverty
We tackle poverty by sharing opportunities, wealth, and power more equally.

Is this a sporting or recreation project?

1. Active Living
A way of life that integrates physical activity into daily routines and is a fundamental part of improving physical health and general wellbeing.

2. Active Recreation
Active recreation activities are those engaged in for the purpose of relaxation, heath, wellbeing, or enjoyment with the primary activity requiring physical exertion, and the primary focus on human activity.

3. Sport
A human activity involving physical exertion and skill as the primary focus of the activity, with elements of competition where rules and patterns of behavior governing the activity exist formally through organizations and is generally recognized as a sport.

ACTIVE – 1: 2021 our aim is also acknowledging the Recreation–Participation–Sport Continuum which recognizes a continuous pathway and the financial and communal benefits that flow in both directions between recreation and sport. It builds collaboration between recreation and sport systems:

Recreation > Participation > Community Sport > Competition > Talent Development >
Performance Sport

ACTIVE – 2: 2021 we also recognize the importance of families fostering strategic and partnerships in addressing their current challenges including Economic, social and environmental issues, changing demographics, pressures on our budgeting modal and advocacy, counselling service, educational workshops and stay healthy program, and the increment cost to their family’s development and maintaining facilities. It also acknowledges the importance of ensuring decisions are made using research to support educated planning and a sound business base for future goals.

ACTIVE – 3: aims to ensure that sport and active recreation in the Auckland region enables an enriched and that it is supported through a Financial Freedom united system connecting and promoting the economic and social value of sport and active recreation to the health and wellbeing of the community.

Do you have a feasibility study or other relevant report to support your project?
Yes, please see the attached CV.
Cyrus Leonard Rose (ongoing Accounting Study followed by CPA) and more than 17 years of International work experience.
Monica Rose (ongoing Accounting Study followed by CPA)

If ‘no’ – a feasibility study/report will be required when submitting the funding request.
Do you have a project manager involved in the project?


What is the status of your resource consent for the project?
We will follow the resource consent is the authorization by the NZ “RMA” and Some activities either be specifically authorized followed by the NZ “RMA” by rules in plans. Any activities that are not permitted by the RMA, or by a rule in a plan, we will require a resource consent before they are carried out.


Bank Name: ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited

Account Name: The Rise and Shine Worship Ministries NZ, Non-Profit Organization Current  Account

Account Number: 06-0878-0790338-00

Branch Code: 0878

Branch Name: ANZ Bank in Westcity, Auckland


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