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God and Debt

God and Debt

What does God think of debt, and what does He want you to do about it? These articles will
help you discover God’s truth about your most difficult financial circumstances.

Financial Freedom in 
10 Minutes 
a Day
“Live the life you were made for with my new online program 30 Days to Financial Freedom.”
If you are longing for financial freedom but live a busy life, I have great news for you: My new online program, 30 Days to Financial Freedom, was made for you. In just 10 minutes a day, you can learn how to build your budget, start your savings, defeat your debt, and fund your future. And you will never have to do any math guaranteed.

Financial Freedom for Busy People.

If you have tried to take control of your financial life before, you know there are a lot of books, programs, and other solutions on the market to help you. Some of these resources are great, but they all suffer from one flaw they involve a large commitment of time that you may not have.
I believe everyone was made for freedom, and the responsibilities of adulthood should not hold anyone back from the life God wants them to live. So, I decided to create an online program that would help people take small, manageable steps toward meaningful change in their financial lives. That is how 30 Days to Financial Freedom was born.
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