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Are you a slave?

Are you a slave?

Finding God’s plan for life, faith, and finances.

Financial Stress is Ruining Your Life:

If you have been living with money problems for a long time, financial stress may be ruining your life without you even realizing it. When I was worried about money, I had no idea how great a toll financial stress was taking on my life. It is easy to think that money problems are separate from the rest of your life. But every part of your existence is connected. Worry and stress in one area of your life will always bleed over into the other areas. If you are not careful, your financial issues can get in the way of the things you value most in life.

Most people live with some form of financial stress daily. Maybe you are so used to overdrawing your bank account or running up debt that you do not even realize how much these things are damaging other areas of our life. Financial stress is toxic. Worrying about money makes life miserable. And if you are living with money problems, those issues could be damaging your family, deteriorating your mental health, and even threatening your relationship with God. Overcoming Financial Stress at God, Money & Me, my mission is to help you find God’s plan for your financial life and to empower you to live in freedom.

To do that, I have created a free resource that will help you identify the ways financial stress is holding you back and take steps to fix it. “Five Ways Financial Stress is Ruining Your Life… and How to Stop It” is a free PDF you can download instantly.

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